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Welcome to the home of Geokrazy Minerals. Our goal is to supply you with display quality mineral specimens that exhibit the qualities you expect for an unexpected value. We specialize in mid priced minerals from thumbnail to large cabinet sized. We make a concerted effort to keep pricing below what you might find on comparable websites. Our passion for finding exceptional pieces will be evident to you, and we welcome your feedback and hope you will join our mailing list for future updates. To get started, simply click below (middle left) on the link for "view mineral galleries" to view numerous mineral galleries at your leisure or utilize the search function for a specific species or locality.  You may also wish to utilize the link at the bottom left to navigate to the Trinity Minerals auctions, where we participate in ongoing mineral and gem auctions. Register for our mailing list for ongoing updates below!

  2017 finds us incredibly busy. With the acquisition of the antique collection and then the old dealer stock of Columbia Trading and Riviera we are just catching our breath. I have now posted the Spring 2017 gallery and you are welcome to have a look.  

 At the Houston show, I will have another batch of rhodochrosites from the DR W S Logan collection. I grabbed some really unusual ones and had to wrestle for a few. There is a thumbnail Sunnyside that is not only complete but gemmy, a scalenohedral Emma, an Uchucchaqua silver with rhodo ex Minette, an old Vaux (with label) from the Philadelphia Academy, etc. Come see us at this new venue in the Woodlands!



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      2016 Show Schedule

     Jan 29-Jan 31- The Oracle Road JUST MINERALS Event. This new show will feature Don Olson, Geokrazy, IC Minerals, Leonard Himes, Dan Weinrich, Trinity Minerals, Unique Minerals and Well Arranged Molecules. It has replaced the home shows we had been doing at Isaias home and will have an extensive selection of both wholesale and retail specimens. To be held at the Elks Lodge, 1800 North Oracle Rd. Just a mile north of the Inn Suites!

     Feb 9-12 64th Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show- Tucson Convention Center (with I C Minerals)

     March 24-26- Catawba Valley Gem and Mineral Show- Hickory NC

     April 28-30- Texas Fine Mineral Show- Holiday Inn Shenandoah Woodlands room 522

     September 12-16- Denver Fine Mineral Show Room 209

     September 7-13- Colorado Gem and Mineral Show- Crowne Plaza (near the Denver airport)

     October 13-15- Knoxville Gem and Mineral Show- Kerbala Temple, Knoxville TN




Featured specimen of the week
N'Chwanning 2 Mine, Kalahari Manganese Fields, Kuruman South Africa, Manganovesuvianite with Andradite
N'Chwanning 2 Mine, Kalahari Manganese Fields, Kuruman South Africa
Manganovesuvianite with Andradite
900.00 USD
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Milpillas Mine, Municipio de Santa Cruz, Sonora Mexico, Azurite
Milpillas Mine, Municipio de Santa Cruz, Sonora Mexico
400.00 USD
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