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Uchucchaqua Mine, Lima Department Peru ON APPROVAL, Rhodochrosite
Species:    Rhodochrosite

Locality:   Uchucchaqua Mine, Lima Department Peru ON APPROVAL

Measurement:   3.3 X 2.7 X 2.2cm

Size Category:   miniature

Item Number:   Geo-3182

Unique oval sphere floater with no attachment consisting of a central black core (likely Sphalerite) hosting numerous nearly identical rhomboid to columnar xls with distinctly irregular stepped terminations. The color is a distinct mauve which is nearly unique for the locality (as are the rhombic xls.) The luster is vitreous to pearly, the latter suggesting Smithsonite as does the very heavy nature, but smithsonite not reported from Uchu. I am aware of only one similar specimen but that one has a small area of attachment.

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