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Cavnic, Maramures Romania, Calcite on Pyrite and Galena
Species:    Calcite on Pyrite and Galena

Locality:   Cavnic, Maramures Romania

Measurement:   16 X 10.2 X 6.3cm

Size Category:   cabinet

Item Number:   Geo-566

An older specimen labeled as Kapnikbanya, which was the older terminology for the Cavnic mine complex. Large (3.7cm) lenticulated curvilinear rhombohedral crystals with verigated clear to milky white coloring, form rosettes on a sulphide matrix of pyrite, sphalerite and galena, which has been sawn.Spectacular presentation and very unusual verigated appearance. A signifigant piece, and quite heavy at 4lbs.

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Price = 425.00 USD
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