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Our goal is to supply you with display quality mineral specimens that exhibit the qualities you expect for an unexpected value. We make a concerted effort to keep pricing below what you might find on other websites. Our passion for finding exceptional pieces will be evident to you, and we welcome your feedback and hope you will join our mailing list for future updates.

Please note the default setting for the minerals shop page is “most recent”, so new listings are the first pieces viewed. The filters on the right help get you to what you are looking for a bit quicker, and the search feature will allow you to enter by size category (miniature, cabinet etc.) by composition (lead, sulfide, carbonate etc.) by locality, by species or by collection. The magnifier will aid in examining detail and you may single click the photo for a full page blowup.

All orders, when placed, are emailed to us for confirmation of availability and total price including shipping. Please await an invoice as confirmation the specimen(s) is/are available, as we may be attending a show out of town and specimens may be spoken for. Our shipping, ordering and return policies and practices are in the navigation section.

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to buy the Virginia and North Carolina reference suites from George Loud. Many of the specimens are no longer found easily in todays market and were discovered in the 1950s to early 2000s. George was great at record keeping, so most pieces identify who found them and the year. We will be posting them starting April 28 and continue for a week or so. Keep checking as we add pieces daily.

 Our Jack Eaker Foote Company Lithium Mine collection update will continue to be highlighted, as its importance will be elevated with the forthcoming article by Tom Moore and Jason Smith.. Jack Eaker was the mine chemist and analysis shop manager for over 30 years and amassed a collection second to none, as access to the mine was severely limited and collecting forbidden. When Jack passed, the collection was curated by Jason Smith from the Charlotte area and he and Rob Lavinsky purchased it in entirety. Jason is known as an expert in NC rarities and will be publishing a paper on the mine in the near future. Geokrazy, as an NC based dealer, was asked to handle distribution of the material. We began by selecting 30 flats and have sold off a good portion to date. The best of species were held back for website listing and shows. There are a remaining 150 or so flats of material we will hopefully be preparing once we have sold this first selection through. Bear in mind, some of the finest of rare species come from the Foote and we have display quality Bikitaite, a large selection of world class Fairfieldites, Metaswitzerites, and many others.  

You will also find this website to host an extremely wide assortment of fine calcite specimens, many de-acquisitioned from my personal collection. 

Also, we are also pleased to introduce the finest of mineral putty branded as Geokrazy Putty! It is made in South Africa and has been produced there for decades. If you are close to Tucson check out Tucson Store Fixtures, our exclusive Putty distributor.