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Our goal is to supply you with display quality mineral specimens that exhibit the qualities you expect for an unexpected value.  We specialize in mid-priced minerals from thumbnails to large cabinet sizes. We make a concerted effort to keep pricing below what you might find on other websites. 

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We are most pleased to announce the acquisition of the Ken Roberts (Roberts Minerals) personally field collected collection! Ken has been out in the field for 50 plus years, and is well known for his keen eye. The collection is focused on the West and Southwest , and Ken was in the right spot to pick up finds from local miners (note there are about a dozen Bunker Hill pieces from the 1981 find). There are pieces from Spruce Claim, Morenci, California melanites, andradites (one incredible piece) and a superb Meyerhofferite, scepters, citrines and amethyst from Halleluyah Junction, and on and on. Look for a posting towards the end of October! Email us if you have a specific want or a sneak peak, as we always do for our customers.


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