Fluorite Sphalerite Galena and Barite


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At first glance one might dismiss this specimen as a “leaverite”. However, once in hand it is fascinatng. I believe this piece was either part of a wall or floor. It is comprised of layers of massive fluorite and host rock. On the “bottom” side are small well crystalized purple fluorite crystals, indicating a small seam was likely. The top of the specimen is a salad of minerals. Fluorite breccia, sphalerites forming amongst small galena crystals, and beautiful blades of white to blue barites, looking like feathers.

Locality:Denton Mine, Harris Creek District, Hardin County Illinois

Composition: Lots of minerals!

Dimensions: 11.5 × 8.8 × 4.4 cm
Dimensions: 11.5 × 8.8 × 4.4 cm