Happenings: Denver shows and new Tucson Venue

We have been busy chasing down new material and have been successful in picking up quite a bit of both wholesale and retail specimens. New for wholesale are Sapo Mine apatites, mimetite miniatures from Iran, fluorites from China and USA, dioptase with wulfenites and colorless hemimorphites from the Congo. There will also be a wide assortment from various collections. This is our first Just Minerals Event in Denver and we know that the assortment of dealers (Graeber and Himes, Crystal Classics, Cornerstone Minerals, Mountain Minerals, Well Arranged Molecules and IC/Geokrazy) will blow you away.

For the Fine Minerals Show we will be in room 239 and featuring fluorites from a collection that reached back about 15 years and focused mainly on China but with an assortment of other localities. Some of these pieces are VERY good. We also scored a small suite of silver minerals, five of the deepest blue cavansites you have ever seen and a variety of spectacular visual candy. I can honestly say that our material is at a new height regarding quality and value. We will be open a day early (Tuesday) for those that can’t wait for the show to open!

We are also pleased to announce we will be setting up at the brand new Silver Street show which is just across from the Mineral City venue. This area has attracted over 100 dealers and will be THE show venue to visit (aside from the club show which we wholeheartedly support). The venue will be open early (likely third week in January) and will have plenty of parking. The ability to visit over 100 dealers within 5 blocks will be unparalleled. We have partnered with Graeber and Himes, so our room will be large, well appointed and welcoming, with hundreds of fine minerals. We will continue to run the Just Minerals Event at the Elks and will also be at club show at the convention center.

With so much competition we endeavor to set our dealership apart by offering high quality at prices that reflect a lower overhead scenario. You might wish to read my previous blog about pricing. We also have a very deep passion for what nature offers us and love to visit with people who share that deep emotional high when surrounded by such special specimens.

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