Tucson Round the Corner!

It’s ironic how, by the end of a 3+ week Tucson run we are ready to pack it up for next year,and,suddenly, it’s next year! I will attempt to familiarize you with what a mineral dealer does to prepare for Four shows over three weeks. For us, it is first getting Mineral City Rm27 fixed up for it’s first year. We have purchased both wall and table cabinets for displays and are working on furnishings. We are sorting inventories to select the best of what we have  and hope to have all set up and open by the 29th or 30th.  We are also selecting wholesale material for the Just Minerals Event being held at the Elks Lodge (across Oracle from Mineral City) which we must set up on the 31st.  We will employ help to hold the fort at Min City during setup and opening day (Feb1) of the JME.

JME closes on Tuesday late afternoon so we will need to load up and transport the wholesale material back to Isaias house for viewing on appointment (contact isaias@icminerals.com). We will then maintain our showroom at Min City until Monday Feb 10 when the Tsumeb Forum is hosted at the Elks. We will be selling Tsumeb only at that event.

On the 12th we have setup for the TGMS show. Again, pre-selected inventory will be brought out specific to that show. One of us will handle the show while the other stays at Min City or we will have someone standing in..

Our Mineral City room is a double space and we will be sharing it with Graeber and Himes. Cal and Leonard always have very fine material which , as a whole, is different from what we focus on, so the displays should be extremely varied and very high quality.

By the time it is all over we will have hauled over 300 flats both to and from shows, eaten out more than we care to, welcomed friends and enjoyed every minute of discussion and comraderie with our fellow dealers and , of course, our customers.

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