Jouravskite with Xonotlite and Calcite


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Jouravskite is a very rare complex hydrated sulfate and a member of the Ettringite Group. It is known from only three localities worldwide, two of which are in the Kalahari Manganese Fields. The best of species were found about 18 months ago, and the crystal size (for the species) as well of the color is phenomenal. This specimen is quite rich, with some associated xonotlite and prismatic calcites.

Locality: Nchwaning 3 Mine, KMF, Near Kuruman South Africa

Composition: Complex (Ca 3 Mn 4+ (SO 4)(CO 3)(OH) 6 ·12H 2 O) hydrated sulfate

Dimensions: 5.1 × 3 × 2.2 cm
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Dimensions: 5.1 × 3 × 2.2 cm