Quartz on Siderite


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A VERY attractive specimen with great dimensionality and subtle changes in color. A mound of quartz matrix is coated with compact blades of siderite on which hundreds of doubly terminated quartz (to 1.3cm) formed. The entire specimen was then subjected to a coating of iron oxides. Comes with an old Rocksmiths label stating the locality as Pexrelrune (no such place) and collected in 1972. Conferring with several French dealers and collectors there is certainty this piece is from the Peyrebrune complex. I see one area where perhaps a quartz came off or it was rubbed. It is heavy so please consider postage.


Locality: Rivet Quarry, Montredon-Labessonie, Tarn, Occitanie France, Tarn France

Composition: Silicone Dioxide on Iron Carbonate


Dimensions: 10.4 × 7.6 × 7 cm
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Dimensions: 10.4 × 7.6 × 7 cm