Sphalerite on Marcasite with Galena


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Ruby-jack colored lustrous sphalerite crystals forming a sphere that sits on a matrix of sparkling marcasite. Mined in 2015-16, these were held back by a local miner and released in Sept. and made their way to us. To my knowledge, this is the first time that sphalerite has been found in such perfect spherical aggregates. This is the only specimen that also has galena. On the back is a vuggy area filled with gemmy tiny barites.  They were written up and photographed for the “What’s New Report” of the Mineralogical Record.

Locality: GP Materials South Quarry, Potosi Barite District,Washington County Missouri

Composition: Zinc Sulfide

Dimensions: 9.6 × 8 × 4.5 cm
Dimensions: 9.6 × 8 × 4.5 cm