Amethyst (sceptered)


Fairly recent to the market are these rather exquisite smoky/amethyst scepters from Chiredzi. I had the opportunity to select from a few flats and chose three choice examples. This is the largest of the three and has many notable features. You will note the pale “shafts” on which deeply colored later stage growth enveloped themselves, forming scepters with pronounced cathedraling along their southern edges. The resulting crystals are very sharp with skeletal negative growth areas. The manner in which the smaller scepter crosses the larger adds a high degree of architecture.

Locality: Chiredzi, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe

Composition: silicon dioxide

Dimensions: 13.2 × 5.6 × 4.5 cm
Dimensions: 13.2 × 5.6 × 4.5 cm