Fluorite on Quartz


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When these came out (about 7 years ago) Isaias and I went into the Chinese dealers warehouse and spent half a day looking through the flats. Nearly every single piece had some issue. We wound up with only 7 pieces. Later- John Vaeveert stopped by to visit and we got to talking about this find. He lamented that he could not find a single piece with no damage. We showed him ours and he bought 5.

I guess Marty got in before us, as we just scored 4 that have no damage that he had found. This is one has a dominant modified 1.7cm cube. The color is the deepest of the batch.  The quartz is  revealed on one side, where the surface is completely coated by a later growth phase with very small chalky surfaced crystals. These sold for $300-$350 back then!

Locality: Huanggang Mine, Chifeng, Inner Mongolis, China

Composition: calcium fluoride

Dimensions: 8.8 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm
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Dimensions: 8.8 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm