Fluorite with Calcite


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A very high quality corner piece from a RARE locality with glassy surface , a rich raspberry/grape color and three very distinct internal phantoms. Dissolution of barite made two spherical etch features on one side. A very small tipping at the top. Ross Lilly contacted me about the rarity of this piece ( his ex collection #RCL-2262 ) and he asked to have it sent to Jeff Scovill for photography.  The photo is attached as the final picture. Ross was also kind enough to make a new label for it, as the previous one had been misplaced. If you are interested in this exceptional fluorite let me know! I will be taking it to the Plano show end of April and it will likely sell there.

Locality: Hanson Mine, Hobbs Creek Mining Subdistrict, Pope County, Illinois

Composition: calcium fluoride

Dimensions: 7 × 5.2 × 4 cm
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Dimensions: 7 × 5.2 × 4 cm