Quartz with Halloysite inclusions


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Halloysite is an aluminosilicate clay mineral . Color is usually white, which is used as a carrier in cosmetics and a colorant to enhance whiteness in ceramics. It can also be yellow to burnt orange in color. The Columbian “mango quartz” hit the market about 8 years ago and the supply is in full force. About 8 months ago a find was made of solution quartz with the Halloysite inclusions. This material is far more intricate and shipping can be problematic. A single piece is more easily shipped than bulk. This specimen is in great shape and one of a small hoard we successfully imported. The brown appearing center disappears in normal light without a dark background. We will have many at the Denver Just Minerals and Crystals show.

Locality: Cabiche, Quipama Municipality. Bovaca Department, Columbia

Dimensions: 8.5 × 7.9 × 2.6 cm
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Dimensions: 8.5 × 7.9 × 2.6 cm