Calcite included by Hematite


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English calcites set the world standard for clarity, and the iron mines imparted the gift of kidney ore and hematite inclusions. The variety was somewhat limited, as the scalenohedron (often modified by the prism) was the dominant crystal form and the color ranges were limited to the red range imparted by iron oxides. This large specimen provides the best of both worlds, with red inclusions top and bottom and a central band of clear gems. There is only one edge of contact (left side of first photo). A few cleaved crystals. Purchased from Roy Smith (formerly in his collection) in 2007.

Locality: Biggrigg Mine, Bigrigg, Egremont, Copeland, Cumbria, England

Composition: calcium carbonate

Dimensions: 10.2 × 8 × 4.4 cm
Dimensions: 10.2 × 8 × 4.4 cm