Celestite in Calcite


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The Mojina Mine produced high grade oxide lead-silver-zinc ores. It was not a large mine and , from a specimen perspective, became known as a locality for distinctive “hooded” calcites, appearing like a hooded cobra. Integrated growth of celestine crystals were noted, and many specimens were acid etched to remove the outer, less lustrous calcite, to reveal more pearly calcites with blue coloration from the celestites.  Benny Fenn brought large quantities of specimens out of the mine in the late 1960s. Virtually nothing has emerged since. This piece was NOT etched and has an attractive blue cast, with a very prominent concentration of celestite.

Locality: Mojina Mine, Rancho de Mojina, Ricardo Flores Magon, Chihuhua, Mexico

Composition: calcium carbonate and  strontium sulfate


Dimensions: 6.7 × 6.2 × 4 cm
Dimensions: 6.7 × 6.2 × 4 cm