Fluorite coated and included with Hydrocarbons


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A super bright glassy surfaced fluorite with hydrocarbon on and included. Backlighting reveals a very fine purple outer zone.  There are some issues as pictured with price reflective of such. The Ross Lilly label states “Mined 7-81 from the down-dropped block of the graben. Fine locality specimen”. He also notes he personally collected this specimen. The locality is marked as Ozford/Holloway property, Ozark-Mahoning Company. I believe it is from the M F Oxford #7 Mine, which makes it a rare find in the market today.

Locality: Ozark- Mahoning Company, Southern Illinois

Composition: calcium fluoride

Dimensions: 9 × 6.6 × 5 cm
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Dimensions: 9 × 6.6 × 5 cm