Tourmaline with Albite on Clevelandite


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A very rich specimen comprised of a bluish clevelandite matrix hosting several well defined albite crystals with a plethora of green zoned tourmalines to 6cm. The Tourmalines retain a striated green coloration all the way to the darker zoned pinacoid terminations. The largest crystal zones to the dark green about 2/3 up and has a complex termination. The break at the bottom of the main crystal appears to have healed as does the smaller one to the left. Very choice and different. Look for the video on our Facebook group page “I see minerals and go Geokrazy”



Locality: Nuristan, Pakistan

Composition: Complex silicate

Dimensions: 11.3 × 9 × 5.6 cm
Dimensions: 11.3 × 9 × 5.6 cm